Work With Us

Tangled Bank Studios aims to create media of exceptional quality for worldwide distribution, with the goal of fostering the public understanding of science. We develop ideas for our films internally and also receive them from outside producers, broadcasters, and scientists. Once we agree to pursue a project, we provide funding and editorial expertise, with the goal of achieving critical, journalistic, and broadcast success. In addition to long-form productions, the films we produce will also be versioned to create educational videos for the classroom, allowing us to reach students in high school and beyond.

Though Tangled Bank Studios was established by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the subject matter of our productions is diverse, spanning many scientific disciplines. We are dedicated to upholding the highest editorial and artistic standards.

For information about international distribution, co-productions, or pre-sales, please contact our distributor, Off the Fence.

We do not have any open career opportunities at this time.